Pop Music’s Favorite Weirdos Poppy And Grimes Finally Collaborate On New Song ‘Play Destroy’

Grimes has had some excellent, interesting collaborations this year (we’re not gonna talk about Elon Musk). Her song with Janelle Monae, “Pynk,” is one of the highlights of Monae’s excellent new album, and her collab with K-pop girl group Loona is hyper and effervescent. It seemed inevitable that one day Grimes would collaborate with fellow indie pop weird girl Poppy — both are perhaps the only musicians today who make anything resembling “bubblegum metal,” and Poppy’s star is rising fast.

Poppy’s new record Am I A Girl? is out today, and the Grimes collab is, well, exactly what you think it’s going to be. Grimes and Poppy begin by telling you their names (It’s Grimes! I’m Poppy! Lets’s go!”) before launching into a metal riff. “Play Destroy” is a gleeful song about girlish demolition. They giggle through evocative lines like “Gonna cut your face / And break your favorite toy / Drop a match in the gas tank / Blow up your neighbors pool,” over a melody that’s alternately sweet and deadly. It’s the musical equivalent of that Snapchat filter where the bunny turns into a red-eyed, rabid-looking creature with sharp teeth. It’s great.

Listen to “Play Destroy” above, and check out Poppy’s album, Am I A Girl?, out today on Mad Decent.