Porches Gives An Intimate Church Performance In His Emotionally Trying ‘Goodbye’ Video

Earlier this year, Porches (real name Aaron Maine) released The House, his third album which he called “a diary” and about which he said, “The songwriting became an exercise in documenting my immediate experiences, which writing has always been for me to a certain extent, but something particular was compelling me to try to portray these moments in a more linear way.”

This thinking has also found its way into Porches’ music videos in support of the album: His clips for “Country” and “Find Me” are both slightly abstract slice-of-life vignettes, and his just-released video for “Goodbye” is similar in nature. In the video, co-directed by Maine Nicholas Harwood, Maine sets up for a performance on a small church backroom stage and also dives into a pool, suit and all.

The clip mainly shows the setup and conclusion of the performance, but the flashbacks at the end reveal he had a bit of a meltdown during the intimate show. Perhaps the swimming scenes represent the two-sided coin that is performing: In the water, you feel free, able to move in any direction without gravity holding you down, but you’re also trapped, underwater without air. Like being on stage, it’s both freeing and restrictive.

Watch the “Goodbye” video above.