Premiere: Pop Songwriter Joni Gets Hers On The Catchy Alternative Pop Single ‘Omens’

Bea Fatora

Your favorite pop stars know how to write a hit, but usually, they’re not doing it alone. They tend get help from talents you’re probably not aware of, but talents who are the real deal, capable of penning songs that millions will love. Sometimes these anonymous songwriters realize they can pen these wonderful songs for themselves and decide to make a go of it under their own name. Joni (full name Joni Fatora) wouldn’t be the first to do this, but she does sound more confident and sure of herself right out of the gate than most.

Joni, who has written songs with the likes of The Chainsmokers and Icona Pop, recently made the cross-country move from New York City to Los Angeles, and now she’s forging ahead with a new project. The first return of that effort is “Omens,” a refreshing alternative pop single with an earworm hook that captures an energy similar to that of Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”: It has the appeal of a pop radio hit, but with an alternative indie rock aesthetic that’s endearingly just left of mainstream.

She says of the song, which is produced by Noise Club and Pat Howard:

“When I was writing ‘Omens,’ I was thinking about that heavy, gut feeling you get when you believe something bad is about to happen. Your mind can make up strange things out of fear, but once in a while the things you sense turn out to be real. I think a lot of people ignore their intuition, but I probably listen too closely.”

Listen to “Omens” above.

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