Premiere: Milked’s Noisy And Anthemic ‘Death On Mars’ Is Pretty Much A Geronimo! Comeback

05.30.17 11 months ago


On September 29, 2014, Geronimo!, one of the most engaging and kinetic bands in Chicago’s punk scene, wrote in a Facebook post, “It is a bittersweet decision but after 220 shows, 57 cities, 26 states, 7 tours, 5 EPs, 3 LPs, 2 vans and 1 kitten, we have an end in sight.” From there, the group released one last EP, played some final shows, and since 2015, Geronimo! has been, as they put it, “resting peacefully.” That doesn’t mean that the band’s Kelly Johnson is taking it easy, though.

After the group’s split, Johnson began making demos as Milked, and now that project is gearing up to release its debut fell-length album, Death On Mars, via Exploding In Sound Records. Johnson shared a video for the title track today, and if you missed Geronimo!, this three-minute dose of noisy guitar rock ought to make you very happy. It’s a fine mix of slowcore and post-punk influences that’s as deceptively simple as it is anthemic and melodic.

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