Prince And David Bowie May Have Returned To Their Planets, According To ‘Justice League’

The upcoming superhero crossover movie Justice League hits theaters on November 17th, and with only ten days between now and then, there’s still one big question about the film: Superman is dead, but is he really, though? Promotional materials for the film haven’t made that entirely clear, and the fictional Metropolis Post newspaper isn’t sure either.

At a recent press junket for the movie, there was an issue of the fictitious publication (fake news, am I right?) floating around that was led by the headline “Did They Return To Their Planet?” with the subheading “Mysterious Wave of Disappearing Heroes,” both atop a picture of Superman. The Justice League promotional team also saw this as an opportunity to pay tribute to two iconic and otherworldly music figures who passed away in recent years, since the Superman photo is flanked by images of David Bowie and Prince.

Both musicians have long been praised as mythical, idiosyncratic luminaries who were too great and out-there to truly be from Earth, so their inclusion alongside Superman is a fun tip of the cap from the folks behind Justice League. The two also have their own storied superhero histories: Prince’s 1989 Batman album went eleven-times platinum, and Bowie almost made a cameo appearance in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.

It’s good to know that just maybe, they’re still out there somewhere, even if it’s only through the art they left behind.