A Rainbow Appears Directly Above Prince’s Paisley Park Hours After His Passing

The tragic passing of Prince has really hammered home just how important having artists like Prince and David Bowie really is. While I won’t go as far as to say that we’ll never see anyone like Prince again, the chances of us being privy to someone with so much raw talent, presence and with such an incredible aura seems unlikely. Even though we know that Prince had some trouble last week, he still did his best to put on a strong face for the world and prove that he was fine. He wasn’t, though. He wasn’t fine at all and because of that the world lost His Royal Badness, the Purple King.

Prince was an iconoclast at times, even though later on in his life at the urging of his sick mother, he found God. Belief is a difficult thing and spirituality is something that is very personal to many of us. Yet when someone as beloved as Prince passes and a rainbow appears over his storied compound that is Paisley Park on the same day, well, something is clearly up. That is exactly what happened tonight in Chanhassen, Minnesota, the home of Paisley Park.

Consequence of Sound is tuned in to the social media frenzy that went on tonight when a rainbow appeared over Paisley Park while mourners left mementos and reminisced about the Purple One. In fact, it’s almost too perfect, isn’t it?

There really isn’t much else to do other than sit back, pop in some tunes and for us all to celebrate the life and times of Prince Rogers Nelson by ourselves getting funky, no matter where we are. Because look, there was a rainbow over Paisley Park and this is what he would have wanted, even if his guitar gently wept.

(Via Consequence of Sound)

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