TMZ Report: Prince Was Treated For A Drug Overdose Last Week

The world lost one of the greatest pop stars and artistic icons of all time Thursday with the death of Prince at the age of 57. In an already terrible year of celebrity deaths, the death of the “Purple Rain” singer was a painful reminder of mortality. Fans mourned the passing of a genius on social media, gone too soon. Prince was still relatively young, leading many to speculate over his cause of death.

Unfortunately, if some reports are to be believed, we might have an answer. According to TMZ, Prince was treated for a drug overdose when his plane made a surprise landing last Friday to rush him to the hospital. While it had previously been reported that he was suffering from a serious case of the flu, that might not be the case. TMZ claims that the singer was given a “save shot,” which is administered in the case of an opiate overdose. While doctors advised Prince to remain at the hospital for observation for at least 24 hours, the singer and his crew left after three hours when he couldn’t get a private room.

At this time, this is all speculative on the part of TMZ, as his official autopsy will not be conducted until tomorrow.

(Via TMZ)