Prince Has The Greatest Passport Photo In The World

First things first: According to the official verified Twitter account shared by Prince and his all-girl band 3rdeyegirl, as of Feb. 11, this is Prince’s passport photo. And because we have no reason to question the honesty of Prince and his all-girl band 3rdeyegirl, at least not at this point, let’s go ahead and assume it’s real. Apologies for not bringing this news to you sooner. The tweet is five days old. Totally unacceptable.

But, more importantly: This is Prince’s passport photo. My word. Look at that photo. Look at Prince. Look at Prince’s eyes. It’s like he’s staring straight into your soul. It’s a miracle the camera even held up to that level of intensity. The basic rules of science seem to imply that all its plastic pieces should have melted and all its metal pieces should have started glowing bright orange and emitting enough heat to singe the eyebrows of the person taking the photo. This camera is a feat of human engineering on par with the pyramids of Egypt.

If you think about it, the picture is practically a risk to our safety. Once Prince hands his passport over to the agent responsible for verifying his identity (and really, you’d think a simple “I am Prince” would suffice here), that agent could be so mesmerized by this picture that he or she forgets to do important job responsibilities. It’s a national security issue, honestly. We must force Prince to take a less sexy picture. For America.

(Via Consequence of Sound)