Fight The Power With These New Public Enemy Action Figures

Hey kids and kids at heart! Now you can fight the power whenever you want with your very own Public Enemy action figures! The revolution may not be televised but now you can start your own with four–yes four–action figures of the legendary, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted, trailblazing Hip-Hop group.

This October, Get On Down is releasing a set which includes Terminator X, Chuck D, Flava Flav, and Professor Griff. Each figure is fully posable and you get not one clock with Flav, but four. That’s four times the fun, adventure, and makes it incredibly easy to tell your friends what time it is. Who needs Kung-Fu grip when you can have those clocks and a Chuck D equipped with his patented Public Enemy logo hat? They can all be yours for the low price of $59.99.

Don’t ask for your parents permission, just grab their credit card or the nearest one you can find, get to their site, and pre-order a set. If history is any indication, they’ll be in limited supply and won’t last long. Get On Down is known to sell out of these types of products very quickly, regardless of the price tag.

Tell Barbie or whatever it is you kids play with to take a hike. Public Enemy is the new king of the block. Remember kids: When you’re cold lampin’ with Public Enemy, you’re cold lampin’ with the best.