Public Enemy, Rush, Heart Will Be In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Unlike N.W.A.

And what about the voice of Geddy Lee, Pavement once famously asked. Well, it’ll be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (Take that, Malkmus?) According to Rolling Stone, Rush, Randy Newman, Public Enemy, Heart, Albert King, and Donna Summer will be inducted into the Cleveland-based Hall next year, unlike N.W.A., Kraftwerk, Deep Purple, and Joan Jet and the Blackhearts, among others, who all failed to make the cut.

Complaining about N.W.A. and Kraftwerk’s (disappointing) omissions is tempting, but explaining why a German electronic band should be in the same museum as the Beatles and the Beach Boys is about as exciting as reading why there should be more kickers in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. So, instead, let’s extend congratulations to the revolutionary rappers in Public Enemy, praise the dry wit of pre-Pixar Randy Newman, pantomime a particularly kick ass “2112” air guitar solo for Rush, try and fail to replicate Ann Wilson’s deep howl, and just generally enjoy the music of Albert King and Donna Summer. That’s a lot more fun.