The Makeshift Car Alarm Owned By Puddle Of Mudd’s Lead Singer Sparked A Visit From Police

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When you hear that Puddle of Mudd lead singer Wes Scantlin is in the news, you know it isn’t going to be good. His history of issues with drug and alcohol are well-documented, as are his run-ins with the law and issues at concerts. Scantlin and law enforcement once again got acquainted with each other recently, but this time it was a little safer, but a lot weirder. Scantlin secured himself a visit from the bomb squad thanks to a homemade car alarm.

In order to protect his car on a West Hollywood street where he had suffered repeated break-ins, Scantlin got a little creative. Basically, he made his car look like a bomb. He put a radio under one car and ran wires from the radio to the motor. Then, he used a second car to run wires from the door to the gas tank. Sure, making your car look like a bomb will probably deter theft. It will also horrify your neighbors, which is what happened here.

Scantlin’s neighbors called the cops, who sent the bomb squad. They evacuated four buildings on the block, before finding that Scantlin’s makeshift theft deterrent was not an actual bomb. He was not arrested, but the police were unsurprisingly not pleased. It’s hard to tell if this is the least awful news story involving Scantlin, or the worst. It probably comes down to whether or not you were in one of those buildings that got evacuated.

(Via Stereogum)