Pusha T Rapping Over The HBO’s ‘Succession’ Theme Song Is The Only Thing That Matters

HBO’s series Succession became an instant success after debuting last summer, and this year, its esteem has only grown. The dark comedy follows the life and hardships of a dysfunctional and wealthy family. One particularly mesmerizing aspect of the show is Succession‘s theme song. A lively string section adds tension over soothing piano keys, crafting a catchy and dramatic tune. Due to the theme song’s popular appeal, fans have been hoping for a remix. After a hilariously memorable eight-bit Mario Paint remix of the song arrived last week, fans rejoiced when a teaser of a Pusha T remix arrived Monday. HBO announced the remix will officially debut Friday ahead of Succession‘s season two finale.

Pusha T linked up with the theme song’s composer Nicholas Britell to craft a hip-hop hybrid of the classical tune. Officially titled “Puppets (Succession Remix),” Pusha raps about a snapshot of the turmoil the dysfunctional family faces in the show. “Family, fortune, envy, jealousy, privilege, passed-on legacy, secrets, sabotage, borderline, felony, suicide, subtracts, selfish, pedigree.”

The theme song’s composer Nicholas Britell knew he wanted Pusha T on the track as soon as a remix was mentioned, according to Vulture. “There was only one person on the list of people to reach out to. Of course, it had to be Pusha. There was no backup, there was no plan B,” said Brittell. “Pusha’s voice is like a missile!”

Pusha T apparently first heard of the tv show through his manager, who said Pusha reminds him of the scheming main character Logan Roy. After catching up on Succession‘s first season and meeting Brittell in a recording session, Pusha brainstormed the show’s overarching themes to craft the remix. “We talked about the connection to power and its dynamic, issues writ large: struggle, pain, all of the things we could deal with,” said Brittell.

The resulting track perfectly encapsulates Succession‘s motifs without giving away the second season’s plot. Don’t miss the season finale of Succession featuring Pusha T’s theme song remix, available on HBO 10/13.