Pusha T Taps Lauryn Hill For His Uplifting New Single ‘Coming Home’

Pusha T is on a roll this week as he releases his second new single in as many days, “Coming Home.” The track, like Pusha’s first single this week, “Sociopath,” is produced by longtime Pusha collaborator and GOOD Music founder Kanye West and features an unlikely female guest star: Lauryn Hill, who rarely makes appearances on new music but appears to have made an exception for Kanye.

The track is a stylistic departure in many ways for Pusha. It has a much brighter beat than we’re used to hearing him on, as well as a more uplifting, optimistic lyrical outlook. While he does admit that he’s still delivering a “dope boy song for the dope boys gone,” he also throws out some more socially conscious talk than usual, referencing the war on drugs and economic disparity for “black native bros who ain’t get to go to school like a J. Cole.”

Meanwhile, Lauryn offers her own counterpoint on the chorus, encouraging listeners by asserting “When love is strong, you can do anything / Things go wrong, but you’ll stand up to anything.” Does this signal the coming of a kinder, gentler Pusha? Probably not, but it turns out we’ll have a chance to find out sooner rather than later.

While premiering the song today on Ebro Darden’s Beats 1 Radio show, Pusha revealed he’s nine songs deep into his next project, which is produced (so far) entirely by Kanye.