‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ And Ballet Do Not Mix, According To Queen Fans

Senior Pop Culture Editor

“Bohemian Rhapsody,” Queen’s most karaoke’d song, is a beer, something drunk people love to sing, and Wayne’s World favorite. Are those too lowbrow for you? Well, here’s two English National Ballet dancers, Erina Takahashi and James Forbat, reinterpreting the A Night at the Opera classic.

The majestic video was posted to Queen’s official YouTube page, and the band’s fans are none too pleased. “Doesn’t even remotely remind me of the song or Freddie Mercury,” one wrote, “That was a waste of time.” Another added, “Beautiful dancers but lacks good choreography.” It goes on.

“Nice dancing. Nice song. Do not fit.”

“Just… no. It wast just completely disconnected… like they recorded the video and put a random song as background music.”

“the dance is perfect but this song is so much stronger, the dance doesn’t match with the song”

“I am not trying to come off as “bitchy / uptight”, but here’s my opinion:

A iconic masterpiece of a song + random ballet duet does NOT = justice toward the song and it’s attempted tribute.

The dance did not match the powerfulness/message of the song and I simply viewed this as a “Was meant to be a tribute” but turned out to be “Two performers dancing and not being in sync to the song at all because it looks like there interpreting a story”

You get the point. Maybe they’re mad there’s no bear driving a car?

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