Queen’s Brian May Took Part In A Mass Funeral For Badgers

I know that England is a very real place with very real issues. But sometimes I can’t help but think of it as an alternate dimension born of a constantly flustered Twitter account.

For example, Queen guitarist Brian May took to the streets of London today in protest. Was he speaking out against income inequality or an overzealous police state like folks have all year in the former colonies?

Nope, the man behind “Under Pressure” was fighting a government program that kills badgers.

May marched alongside a fake funeral and procession for the estimated 2,263 badgers killed between 2013 and 2014 in the UK. The government culling program started because badgers carry tuberculosis and can transfer it to cattle.

May wrote an editorial for the Mirror calling the cull ineffective and inhumane.

“Today we raise our voices in disgust and outrage that a government, in the face of morality, all scientific evidence, and the overwhelming will of the British public are bone-headedly, doggedly pursuing a policy of murdering British badgers – in a useless and senseless war on wildlife that has already been declared INHUMANE and INEFFECTIVE, by its own experts in its declared aim of combating bovine TB in cattle.It’s a disgrace and a joke which is not funny. Just think of the wasted time, the wasted opportunities, and the appalling squandering of all our money, by this Government’s refusal to face up the truth of their folly.”

May and the protest group Team Badger are hoping to take legal action against the UK government to stop the cull.

(via NME)