Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme Says He Wants To Be A Good Man In A New Video Apology To The Photographer He Kicked

Over the weekend, Queens Of The Stone Age leader Josh Homme kicked photographer Chelsea Lauren in the face during the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas event in Los Angeles. Footage of the brutal incident surfaced, causing a massive uproar both within their fanbase and in the music world as a whole. The incident saw Homme deliver a social media apology that struck many as half-hearted and hollow, causing even a further backlash against the band. Lauren had to receive medical attention and told Variety that she was considering legal action.

Late last night, Homme again took to social media, this time delivering a video message to both Lauren and his fans. In the clip, Homme takes a more serious and reflective tone than his previous apology. He describes the event without making excuses this time, saying that “I want to be a good man, but last night I definitely failed at that.” He goes on to say that he doesn’t want to be a person that his family or bandmates are embarrassed by.

“I’m going to have to figure out some things, I think, because rock and roll is a wonderful thing,” he says. “It’s supposed to save and help people, and not mess them up.” He closes out the message by again apologizing to the photographer, saying he understands that she has to do whatever it is she has to do. Check out the apology video above along with the video of the incident below. At least one band at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas promised not to hurt photographers.