Queens Of The Stone Age Want You To Wrap Your Meat In Their Butcher Shop Paper

08.25.17 6 months ago

As we’ve learned over the past few years, there’s no wrong way to promote an album anymore. Or rather, there’s no way that artists won’t try: In recent weeks, for instance, Arcade Fire went the route of an overly ironic social media campaign, while Taylor Swift wiped her social media accounts clean and then filled them with snakes.

Queens Of The Stone Age have had some fun as well in pushing their upcoming record Villains; Their off-the-wall focus group video is a lot of fun, and now they’ve decided to appeal to meat lovers with their own branded butcher shop paper. If you happen to find yourself in one of a few of the participating local butchers in Chapel Hill, Nashville, New Orleans, Brooklyn, Washington DC, Denver, Austin and Los Angeles, you can take home a fresh cut of meat wrapped in brown paper that features printing of the band name and illustrations based on the Villains album cover.

As fun as bringing home a Queens Of The Stone Age-wrapped sirloin would be, I suspect that Robin Thicke isn’t about to drop everything and rush to his local butcher shop, since Homme just blamed him the “dumb s**t” for “really f**ked up” copyright laws.

Check out our review of the stirring Villains here.

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