Josh Homme Berated Fighting Crowd Members At Madison Square Garden With An Expletive-Filled Rant

Earlier this week, Queens of the Stone Age performed one of their biggest headlining shows to date at New York’s Madison Square Garden, in support of their excellent latest album Villains. After hiding tickets at stops across the Q-line in the New York subway system, their massive set reportedly relied heavily on their latest work and 2013’s …Like Clockwork, with a few cuts from their early catalogue.

However, as the band played the final notes of Villains cut “Domesticated Animals,” frontman/mastermind Josh Homme noticed a scuffle in the standing room section of the crowd, and took a few minutes to make sure everyone cooled down before continuing the performance. In a fan-shot video, Homme tells the two combatants, “If you wanna fight, stick your head up your ass and fight for air or get the f*ck out.” Much to the appreciation of the crowd, he then goes on to say, “We’re not the soundtrack to you fighting, we’re the soundtrack to you f*cking. If you don’t like that, get the f*ck out.”

He then turns the conversation toward the big party the band is trying to throw: “We’re here to dance, drink, and screw!” Truly, this band is one of a kind. Check out the fan-shot video above.