Josh Homme Voices Earlier Queens Of The Stone Age Albums In This Off-The Wall Focus Group Video

We are mere days away from finally receiving Queens Of The Stone Age’s next album Villains. While fans and critics alike are both salivating over the chance to wrap their ears around the latest offering from Josh Homme and company, the group has shared a new, off the wall promo clip today that finally answers the questions, “What do the earlier Queens albums think of Villains?”

In the new video, director Liam Lynch sits down in a space similar to a police interrogation room and quizzes each entry in the band’s discography — every record is voiced by Homme naturally — about how they feel about Villains. The 1998 self-titled debut is shocked to discover that anything else came after him at all, while the follow-up Rated R can only muster a midwestern-twinged “Yeah.”

Songs For The Deaf echoes the sentiment of a lot of stubborn fans, saying, “I’m not listening to [Villains] ’cause Nick’s not on it,” alluding to the departure of bassist Nick Oliveri, while Lullabies To Paralyze can only defensively list off it’s own track list. “I had, have, have a lot of great tunes,” the record pleads. “And I’m not gone just because Villains comes out.”

At the end, Lynch addresses the audience directly and says, “Opinions are like a**holes, some are sh*tty. Some are really amazing. So what’s your a**hole of Villains?”

Guess we’ll have to wait until Friday to find out.