Somehow, Songs From Queens Of The Stone Age Songs’s New Album Were Pressed Into Gordi’s Vinyl Debut

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Here’s an exceedingly interesting way to hear some unreleased songs off of Queens Of The Stone Age’s highly anticipated next album Villains, go buy Gordi’s debut record Reservoir on vinyl. Yes, you read that correctly. Because of some kind of technical snafu in the pressing plant, a few fans who ordered Gordi’s new offering on vinyl were met with a big surprise once they flipped over to the second side and got Josh Homme’s voice screaming at them on the songs “Fortress,” “Head Like A Haunted House,” and “Un-Reborn Again.”

In a statement shared to Pitchfork, Gordi said, “Obviously I was aware that the Queens of the Stone Age album was coming out the same week as mine and I was aware it would probably garner all the limelight, so the logical solution was to just chuck a bunch of their songs on Reservoir. I anticipate either people won’t notice or they’ll appreciate the dynamic shift.” Chris Swanson of Secretly Group, added, “This is a pressing defect that we’re working diligently to resolve as quickly as possible. It’s not the first time this sort of thing has happened, but we’re all hoping it’s the last.”

Regardless of the how and the why involved, those few fans that ended up with the mix-matched copy might want to hold onto it, because it could end up being worth some pretty good coin a few years down the line as a collector’s item.