Queens Of The Stone Age’s ‘Head Like A Haunted House’ Video Is Straight Bonkers

2017 didn’t end well for Queens Of The Stone Age, with the band’s leader Josh Homme wrapped in controversy after an incident where he kicked a photographer in the face. But the band continued with their support of their release from last year, Villains, and focused on their arena tour during the early part of this year. Now with a new music video, Queens Of The Stone Age are a band focused on moving forward, leaving it up to fans whether they want to let the past fade away from memory.

The clip for “Head Like A Haunted House” is a pretty literal interpretation of the song’s title, opening with a shot of a clearly haunted house and using its runtime to examine what those walls might hold. And, things get straight bonkers. The video turns out to be playfully animated, going through a laundry list of anything that could be associated with spooky, including flying skulls, aliens, ghosts, and a green hand giving the middle finger. The video, directed by Liam Lynch, is a visual and creative feat, and an incredibly on brand display from a band that has always been curious about what lurks in the shadows. For them, our worst fears are as exhilarating as a carnival ride. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Check out Queens Of The Stone Age’s ‘Head Like A Haunted House’ video above.