Questlove Looked Back On His Career-Ranging Conversation With Prodigy

It really feels like Questlove knows just about every one in the music business, and remains on the good list with damn near everybody in hip-hop. That’s not true of course, but when he bumps into the legends of the game, he usually regards them with a fan’s eye, and typically wins them over with his enthusiasm for their art.

Such was the case of Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy who sat down with Questo and chopped it up for an extended chat on his regular Pandora radio show a little while back. Following the sad news of his passing, Quest took to Instagram to remember Prodigy and reminisce about their talk.

“I didn’t know what to expect because I never knew him or his story in depth. I knew him as an Ill MC w the menacing deadpan delivery. But besides the pound & “whusup?” We pretty much kept it moving,” Questlove wrote. “We had so much in common it’s a wonder it took THIS long for us to realize it: he too was raised in a musical family lineage full of struggle and fight grasping for respect and a seat at the table. This is probably the most honest jaw dropping interview we’ve ever done. Thank you for sharing your gifts w us P.”

You can listen to Questlove’s entire interview with Prodigy here.