Jonny Greenwood: An Adam Sandler Movie Represents Radiohead Better Than Any Other Film

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Radiohead has been a popular band for decades now, but over the past few years, they’ve also found themselves to be a prevalent topic of memes. Thom Yorke’s dancing in the video for “Lotus Flower” was widely remixed and parodied, and more recently, internet users have taken to comparing Radiohead albums to movie and TV shows, such as in the Jonny Greenwood-approved video that assigns a fitting SpongeBob SquarePants moment to each Radiohead album.

I doubt that Greenwood is trying to make those memes himself now, but he may have just hit the ball into the court of internet video editors with a recent comment.

In a new feature from The Guardian, Greenwood answered a series of questions from fans that are mostly about movies and his work with Radiohead. In one exchange, a fan asks what movie best represents Radiohead, and his pick was an Adam Sandler movie:

Deschain: If Radiohead’s music and sound was to be represented by a single film, which film would it be?

JG: Still on the [Paul Thomas Anderson] jag, his Punch-Drunk Love is very Radiohead.”

Punch-Drunk Love isn’t a Sandler movie in the traditional overt comedy sense, and Greenwood is surely more into it because Radiohead collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson directed the 2002 romcom-drama, but the fact is this: According to a Radiohead member, an Adam Sandler movie best represents the band.

Now, we wait for a fan-made video that chooses Sandler film highlights to describe each Radiohead album. In the meantime, read the full Q&A here.