What Can We Decipher From These Radiohead Postcards Fans Have Been Getting In The Mail?

Radiohead is a band that has a penchant for inscrutability and weirdness. They have also been very cagey about when their new album is going to come out. We’ve gotten little bits of information here and there about the album they have been working on, their follow up to The King of Limbs, which came out in 2011. There have also been rumors that the album is going to come out in June. We don’t know for certain that is the case, but we do have another clue about Radiohead’s new album, and it came in the guise of a mysterious, creepy postcard.

Some Radiohead fans have gotten a postcard featuring the band’s logo and the words “Burn the Witch” in big, bold letters. The entire text of the postcard, which also features a bit of abstract art, read, “Sing a song of sixpence that goes Burn the Witch we know where you live.” So, you know, the kind of thing people like to get in their mail.

“Burn the Witch” is the name of an unreleased Radiohead song that has been referenced as far back as 2002. Perhaps the song will finally appear on this new album, or maybe the album itself will be called “Burn the Witch.” It remains to be seen, but this certainly seems like some sort of clue, and makes it feel like the album is, indeed, coming out soon. In the end, the most important piece of information is that Radiohead knows where you live.

(via NME)