Radiohead Have Finally Released Their New Video For ‘Burn The Witch’

Finally, after all the speculation and rumors and cryptic postcards dropped in the mail, we have some new music from Radiohead. A new album has been expected for some time now, and the early signs pointed to it dropping in June. However, for now, we will have to be satisfied with their brand new single and video.

The track is called “Burn the Witch,” perhaps to the surprise of nobody, as this phrase was included in big, bold letters on the weird mailer that the band sent out to some of their fans this month. Additionally, this is a song that has been in the works for years for the band. The name “Burn the Witch” has been attached to Radiohead as a potential song since 2002, and the song they have released now includes many of the lyrics that have been floated in earlier, unofficial versions of the song that have accrued over the years, on account of Radiohead’s obsessive fan base.

Now, though, the song is really here, in its full form. Perhaps owing to the long gestating process, it sounds more like “classic” Radiohead than, say, anything on The King of Limbs. For fans who have grown a little weary of the direction that the band had been taking, this could be considered a good sign. In the end, it’s a good song from one of the world’s greatest bands, so who can complain? (That’s not a challenge, by the way.)