Radiohead Erases Its Entire Online Presence And The Band’s Fans Have Theories

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Radiohead never stops humming, and their latest flurry of activity coincides with people remembering Prince’s amazing cover of “Creep” from 2008 Coachella. That’s still their most famous song, much to the band’s chagrin, even as they maintain a dedicated fan base that fallows the band’s every movement. So, folks noticed a few days ago when Radiohead started sending out signals. Fans tweeted photos of a mysterious pamphlet that arrived in their old-fashioned, curbside mailboxes. The snail-mail treasure read, “Burn the Witch,” which is the title of an unreleased song that dates back to the ancient days (2003).

And now, the band has seemingly done the unthinkable.

Over the weekend, Radiohead-heads noticed the band starting to literally fade away from the internet. Reddit, as always, was the first to notice the dwindling opacity of the group’s website on Saturday. If you visit the page now, it’s completely blank. Their social media is steadily disappearing as well with the band’s Facebook page still accessible but emptied of all content. Frontman Thom Yorke has deleted all of his tweets, and while lead guitarist Jonny Greenwood’s tweets still remain, they may soon be gone too.

Naturally, the internet is in a tizzy over Radiohead deciding the online world no longer exists. This does not bode well for those of us who are still frustrated at how fellow 1990s gods, Tool, refuse to stream their music or sell it on iTunes. Will Radiohead even offer a digital release for their upcoming album? It may indeed be titled Burn the Witch, and the band’s use of snail mail for promo delivery sends a clear signal.

In response to this madness, Twitter has jokes, theories, and hysteria.

Don’t worry, Radiohead fans! The band surely has great things in store for the coming days. Yorke is always skating that cutting edge, and what better way to gain internet publicity than by shunning it completely?

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