Radiohead Shared A Previously Unreleased ‘Ok Computer’ Track Titled ‘I Promise’

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Radiohead have revealed yet another brand new song from their upcoming OK Computer archival reissue project OKNOTOK. The new track is titled “I Promise.” It’s a solid song, but quite a departure from the general feel of most of OK Computer, featuring a steady, martial drumbeat, and a nearly operatic, soaring vocal performance from Thom Yorke.

The new song joins two other previously unreleased cuts “Man of War,” and “Lift” as the first glimpses we’ve been able to hear behind the curtain of the creation of Radiohead’s most celebrated work. In total, OKNOTOK will feature the remastered album as well as eight B-sides, and the three aforementioned tracks.

In a recent, extended interview with Rolling Stone, Yorke talked about what went into the creation of this new reissue and revisiting Radiohead’s seminal work. “It’s been really, really, really mental going through it,” Yorke said. “Going back into where my head was at – it’s really bonkers.” Bassist Colin Greenwood added, “We had a lot of self-confidence and stupidity. Stupidity is the wrong word. Lack of experience. When you’re 24 or 25, you don’t know how wrong this could go because you think you can do anything. And it’s fantastic!”

You can listen to “I Promise” below.

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