Radiohead Gives Their Fans What They Want And Play ‘Creep’ After Almost 7 Years

Radiohead just kicked off their long-awaited tour in support of their album, A Moon Shaped Pool, and a sold out crowd in Paris at La Zenith tonight enjoyed an extremely rare treat from one of the best bands from the past 25 years. Sure, you can hear Radiohead’s seminal song, “Creep” being performed probably right this minute at your local bar or strip club’s  karaoke night, but it’s been almost a decade since Thom Yorke has uttered those lyrics that have affected all of us at one point: “But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo, what the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here.”

The last time Radiohead performed their most well-known song was in August, 2009 at the Reading Festival. The band tonight also performed “No Surprises” which was a single from 1997’s OK Computer and “True Love Waits”. The last time they played  “No Surprises” was in 2009 as well, but in March at a concert in Chile. “True Love Waits” hasn’t been played in its entirety since 2006. The track originally appeared on the I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings album which was released in 2001. Despite being a fan favorite for years, the song never had a studio version until the release of A Moon Shaped Pool this month.

If you somehow managed to get tickets for their tour this year, you’ll certainly be in for a treat as the band skims through their impressive discography to perform songs that they haven’t done in years.

(Via: Rolling Stone)