Radiohead Strip Down To The Bare Essentials In ‘Present Tense’ Directed By Paul Thomas Anderson

One of these days Radiohead is going to do a silly video featuring celebrities, a capybara on roller skates, and maybe some tasteful mobile phone product placement. Until that momentous occasion arrives, we’ll continue to get artier fare. Like the brand new Radiohead promo nestled above for the A Moon Shaped Pool cut, “Present Tense.”

Helmed by Inherent Vice director (and frequent Jonny Greenwood collaborator) Paul Thomas Anderson, this latest visual offering is a stripped down affair in its presentation. Billed as “Jonny, Thom & a CR78,” the clip features just that: Guitarist Jonny Greenwood, frontman/man bun sporter Thom Yorke and a Roland CR-78. The results are a somewhat stripped down take on the track with the visual focus on the live performance. Fans of the popular recording outfit will likely be mesmerized by this portrait PTA has whipped up of Yorke and Greenwood bringing “Present Tense” to life in the, um, present tense. The rest of the group probably appreciated the day off and got some much needed laundry done.

Radiohead’s “Present Tense” video is tucked into this bit of blab for your viewing convenience. (It’d be silly of us to go on about the promo and not show the clip, really.) Fingers crossed we might get something in the style of Ariana Grande’s “Break Free” with the next video.