Radiohead To Legitimize Occupy Wall Street Protest With Impromptu Concert Today (UPDATED)


Well, well, well. Sh*t just got real with the Occupy Wall Street protest. A rogue, pepper-spraying NYPD officer is one thing, but Radiohead is another altogether. Jon Stewart joked last night that it looked like Bonnaroo — now it will look even more like it as thousands of New Yorkers are sure to descend on the Financial District in the next couple of hours.

Reports Atlantic Wire:

The band was in town for a concert anyway, so Radiohead has decided to join the other big names who have lent their support to the Occupy Wall Street protesters by planning a performance in Zuccotti Park at 4 p.m. The protest’s official web site calls it a “surprise show,” which it was until about an hour ago.

Even better, Anonymous, which has joined forces with the protesters in recent days, is going to stream the performance here. This should all be pretty interesting considering that it’s doubtful the group was able to secure permits for an outdoor concert on such short notice. This could turn out to be a pepper-spraying cop’s wet dream!

UPDATE: After it was widely reported that this was confirmed to be happening (Even CNN reported it!), a spokesperson for the band says it’s not. But hey the Black Eyed Peas are playing a free show in Central Park tonight, so there’s that!)

Anyway, here’s the band performing Supercollider at Roseland Ballroom last night…

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