Raekwon Details The Making Of His ‘The Appetition’ EP With A Behind-The-Scenes Documentary

Wu-Tang rap legend Raekwon the Chef has released a new EP, The Appetition, and is bringing fans into his creative process with a behind-the-scenes documentary presented by Red Bull. Raekwon crafted his new EP — his first new output since 2017 — at Red Bull Music Studios over the course of three days with producers T Why Xclusive, P. Wright, and Lord Quest, with the documentary showing how he picked the beats, wrote the rhymes, and laid the tracks for The Appetition. You can watch the 13-minute doc above and stream The Appetition now on any platform.

In the doc’s first scene, Raekwon is seen fittingly using an iconic New York dish as a metaphor for the creation of a cohesive project. “When it comes to making albums, you wanna look at it like a pizza pie,” he explains. “Every slice tastes different, but it’s still the same pizza.” He elaborates on that idea in a press release, saying, “I love to challenge myself with all different types of music. That’s why they call me The Chef, I put my season on things I feel and I can make taste good.”

Further the food references, Rae promises compares The Appetition to an appetizer, saying that more new music is coming in 2020.

The Appetition is out now on Ice H20 Records. Get it here.