Rage Against The Machine Totally Called Donald Trump’s Awful Presidential Run

Anyone who is even passively familiar with the rock band Rage Against the Machine would probably arrive at the conclusion that they would not be supporters of a Donald Trump presidency. And yet, they were one of the first groups of folks to actively promote the idea. Well, kind of.

More than a decade ago, in 1999, the politically charged quartet released their third studio album (and their last record of original material), The Battle of Los Angeles. The second single and music video from that release, “Sleep Now in the Fire,” was a real-life guerilla performance that shut down the New York Stock Exchange for nearly half a day.

In the midst of the performance, protests, and general chaos, BroBible discovered that there’s a rather notable sign that’s visible at around the 1:05 mark.

What’s that say?

BOOM. Rage Against the Machine predicted the absolute sh*tshow that is Donald Trump’s presidential campaign 16 years ago. Now, to be completely fair, he has dipped his foot in presidential races going as far back as the 1980s, and he was even in some primaries for the Reform Party in 2000, which would make sense with the sign in the video. But still, like many dangerous and harmful things, Rage Against the Machine tried to warn us about what was ahead up the road. We should have listened, guys!

Also, you know, another album would be nice.

(via BroBible)