Rainn Wilson Drops $25,000 For The ‘Weezer Experience’ In This Hilarious Funny Or Die Video

Not too far back, Weezer fans checked to see if they had a spare $25,000 kicking around in their couch cushions to hop aboard the “Weezer Experience.” Billed as one of the special perks available for pre-ordering The White Album, the bundle allowed Mr./Ms./Mx. Moneybags to take a Greyhound bus with frontman Rivers Cuomo to the Galapagos Islands and go birdwatching. If it sounds a bit silly, that’s because it was. (Greyhound trips to the Galapagos Islands, eh?) The hefty price tag didn’t deter a fan from actually ponying up for the package much to the band’s surprise.

Yuk-em-up comedy vendor Funny or Die has offered up a glimpse of what the “Weezer Experience” is like in a charming new video where Rainn Wilson, most notably of The Office (TV’s Backstrom!), drops $25,000 like it’s nothing to get that sweet, sweet birdwatching action. It doesn’t take long for the actor to put it together that this pricey package doesn’t quite deliver even with Cuomo as his tour guide. Mind you, Cuomo saying “flap flap flap” to get across the majesty of the blue-footed booby is a worthwhile investment.

We have the clip nestled above for your viewing pleasure. Please form an orderly queue with the “here’s what the REAL Weezer experience would be” quips in the comments.