Randy Travis Is Doing Great, So Ignore That Flipped Truck By The Walmart


A few weeks ago we wanted to party with Randy Travis when we heard he was arrested after crashing his car while intoxicated and threatening the police. And he was naked as well, because everything’s bigger in Texas and you may as well let everybody know. Just last February, he was arrested for public intoxication outside of a church in Sanger, Texas, but hey, it was the SuperBowl. We can understand. In light of today’s Randy Travis update, however, we’ll have to rethink that wish to party with him. We may not be ready for this jelly.

At the end of last week, the seven-time Grammy winner was arrested outside another church (this time in Plano, Texas) for allegedly getting in a drunken brawl with his girlfriend’s estranged husband. Travis is said to have intervened when the estranged husband confronted his girlfriend. Given the circumstances, he was only charged with Class C simple assault, which is on par with a traffic violation. But then it gets stranger.

On Saturday morning, one of Randy Travis’ trucks was found flipped over and abandoned in a field by the Walmart in Frisco, Texas. We could have sworn we’ve heard a country song about exactly this situation. Larry Friedman, the attorney to Randy Travis, told the Dallas Morning News the truck was used by his farmhands. “He hasn’t been in that truck or seen that truck in about three months. This has nothing to do with Randy whatsoever.”

Randy Travis is also currently celebrating his 25th year of music success with an anniversary album. Could this be the most amazing publicity stunt ever, or is Randy Travis just hardcore? Whatever it is, we’ve helpfully photoshopped a picture of the flipped truck into a Randy Travis album cover above. It just seemed right.