Player Rating: Giving NBA 2K-Style Scores To All Your Favorite Rappers

Hip-Hop Editor
09.06.17 10 Comments

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NBA2K ratings are here, and with them, your chance to argue about who is underrated, overrated, overpowered, or just plain wrong. It’s a joyous occasion for fans of basketball during the offseason doldrums, and gives fans — and players — plenty to talk about and get hyped for come the next release of basketball’s biggest video game franchise.

One reason 2K rankings are so much fun to debate is, unlike PER or another stat-based ranking system, there are no published formulas that determine a player’s ranking. Furthermore, there’s no “league average” to compare them against; it’s a simple scale, from 1-99, with players at 99 being the greatest to ever play (i.e. Michael Jordan’s inflated stats whenever he’s included in an iteration of 2K).

Every player hates their own score, but NBA players wouldn’t be in the NBA if they didn’t feel they were the best of the best. Some of the scores are even assigned in response to internet memes that blow up — see Hoodie Melo’s tongue-in-cheek rating of 98.

Another fun thing to debate is rappers. Rap fans love to rank their favorites, but an interesting thing I’ve noticed is that there isn’t a simple scale for rappers, because there is no rapper video game. But what if there was? And what if 2K the game handed out rankings to determine where each rapper fell on a ranking of “best ever” or “hottest out?” Who would be underrated/overrated? Whose stats would determine that, by-and-large, they were the best in the game, and whose would prompt an outcry of the whole system being an arbitrary “crock of sh*t?” Well, I decided to do just that.

Much like @Ronnie2K, 2K Sports’ digital marketing director, I won’t be revealing the exact formula; it could be a complicated array of statistics and whiteboards, or it could be my completely arbitrary reading of the rap landscape. It doesn’t matter how we got to these numbers, the fun is in the debate. The only rule is that a rapper has to have released an album this year. Let’s get into it, shall we?

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