This Guy Rapping About Giving His Cat A Bath Is The Internet’s Newest Sensation

The guy featured in the above video is rap artist Moshow (real name Dwayne Molock), a self-proclaimed “cat rapper” from Portland Oregon who has found local fame and was even once featured on Animal Planet due to his ability of combining his lyrical skills with his love of felines.

This live Facebook video captured Saturday has taken Moshow’s fame to a whole new viral level however, as his girlfriend filmed him giving his cat Ravioli a bath and breaking out into some freestyle verses about his task at hand: “Like like like rub a dub dub, gotta give, gotta give my cat a scrub / Ravioli, acting like they know me…” In the past four days alone the video has been viewed over a million times!

Moshow later told Oregon Live that he really did have to give all four of his cats a bath that day (which is just the right amount of cats to have before it becomes too many cats), and that he has to bathe his cats bi-weekly. Before anyone gets their feathers (or fur, as it may be) in a ruffle over him giving his cats a bath in the first place, Moshow commented on his video that his cats are special breeds that require regular bathing.

The guy just really, really loves cats. In fact, Moshow loves cats so much that earlier this month he made a video with the Oregon Humane Society called “Adopt a Cat,” in which he sings (raps) the praises of cat ownership. Won’t you adopt a kitty this holiday season? Do it for Moshow!

(Via Oregon Live)