This Vine Comedian Reveals What Rappers Would Sound Like If They Had Everyday Jobs

A critique that’s leveled at of a lot of popular rap is that it’s unrelatable. After all, how many of us have ever been in a private jet? Vine comedian J. Cyrus has brought rappers like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug, and Future back down to Earth in a series of short clips that show what their songs would sound like if they were regular joes with everyday jobs.

Throughout the video, we get Drake as a real estate agent, Ludacris as a school teacher (let him get his brains), Kendrick as a burger jockey, and Future as a garbage man. What really sells the whole concept is Cyrus’ killer impressions and understanding of each rapper’s characteristic flows.

Some of his best Future impressions got cut out of the round-up, but you can check those out below (I’m partial to Purple PetSmart, myself):

Given that Future releases a new album every 35 seconds or so, he might be talking about day jobs soon enough. You can’t stay in a club you seem to hate forever, right?

He also took the What A Time To Be Alive rappers and turned them into the single greatest flight attendant pairing on Earth.

Word is that Desiigner is mad at J. Cyrus for stealing his sound.