Rapsody Is Shocked To Learn Some People Refrigerate Hot Sauce During An Interview With Jalen Rose


Rapsody isn’t missing any opportunities to promote her new album, Eve, making sure to hit even unconventional avenues like ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby to get the word out. Low key, it’s a good idea; Rapsody’s love of basketball is well-documented, from the cover of her mixtape She Got Game to her recent appearance in the NBA’s All-Star Weekend celebrity game, so a sports show isn’t too far out of her sphere of influence. During the interview, things got really real when Rapsody and the hosts played a game of “Cultural Or Regional?” in which co-host David Jacoby blew his colleague Jalen Rose and guest’s minds by revealing he refrigerates hot sauce.

“That’s cultural, I think,” Rapsody initially responds to the question of whether keeping hot sauce in the fridge is a cultural or regional phenomenon. “That joint got to stay out.” When Jacoby tells her that he keeps hot sauce in the fridge, though, both Rapsody and Jalen are completely flabbergasted. “Wow, we don’t do that,” both say, nearly simultaneously. “You mean, I’m gonna make some wings and get the hot sauce out of the refrigerator?” Jalen asks, astounded. “To put on the hot wings?” Rapsody adds. “That’s gonna make the wings cold!” They then debate the merits of glass bottles at keeping hot sauce “fresh.”

The hilarity continues when the conversation shifts to grits, which Rapsody shocks her hosts by revealing that, while grits are more regional than cultural, she doesn’t actually enjoy them. Then, she and Jalen get to shock Jacoby when they reveal the cultural practice of putting sugar on spaghetti.

It’s all a very funny and enjoyable way for Rapsody to promote her album and her various connections with the basketball world, like her recent partnership with WNBA to produce music for the women’s league’s broadcasts. Eve is due tomorrow via Jamla Records and Roc Nation. Get it here.