Rapsody Explains The Impact That Mac Miller And Nipsey Hussle Had On Hip-Hop

In next Monday’s upcoming episode of People’s Party With Talib Kweli, hosts Kweli and Jasmine sit down with Snow Hill, North Carolina rapper Rapsody to talk about the deft rhymer’s growing legacy, her groundbreaking 2019 album Eve, and her work with two late titans of hip-hop: Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle.

In the exclusive clip above, Rapsody recounts how she ended up working with each of the two rappers and the lasting impact that each left on hip-hop culture. In the case of Mac, she echoes an oft-heard refrain about “white” rappers being guests in hip-hop, saying that Mac always respectfully embodied this sentiment. “He was a light and joy,” she says. “He was always laughing… He was about love and at the end of the day, that’s what humans are put here to do: love.”

The discussion leads to her reminiscing about her last time seeing Nipsey Hussle at the Roc Nation Grammy brunch in 2019. She says the two planned to collaborate on another track (their only collaboration to date is “You Should Know” from her 2013 mixtape She Got Game) and recalls his “big heart.” “He was a powerhouse,” she says, praising him for his community initiatives and insistence on uplifting his neighborhood.

Watch the exclusive clip above and stay tuned for the full episode next Monday morning. You can find the show on the top of the Apple Podcast music chart in the No. 1 spot.

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