Ray J Is Planning His Own Version Of ‘Famous’ To Get Back At Kanye

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It looks like Ray J is thinking “two can play that game” when it comes to Kanye West constantly referencing him. Over the summer, Brandy’s brother’s attorney said the singer was “potentially” mulling over legal action over Kanye’s “Famous” video. The controversial visual featured a plethora of wax celebrity dopplegangers in bed together, including a fake Ray J. However, the “One Wish” singer may be going in a different direction to get back at Kanye.

According to a recent interview with Billboard, Ray J is releasing his own “Famous” as part of his Raydemption (?!!) visual album that’s set to go live on LookHu in the near future. The best part? The video will also feature Chris Brown, who was also in Kanye’s creepy vid. “You can’t fault me and Chris for responding to all the things that have been done about us [in the media] over the last few months.” Ray J told Billboard.

And it doesn’t stop there. LookHu CEO Byron Booker says Ray J also spills on his “rendezvous with certain celebrities in the past, as well as a certain woman that he helped catapult to fame.” He’s talking about Kim Kardashian, guys. Kim and Ray J made a lukewarm sextape in 2003 and our lives haven’t been the same since.

This won’t be the first time Ray J addressed Kim Kardashian and Kanye through song. Three years ago, Ray J gave us the incredibly catchy, “I Hit It First.” The single artwork was a scrambled-up picture of Kim and the video also featured a lookalike. So, they’re all pretty much obsessed with each other, despite the Love and Hip-Hop star assuring that “married men don’t talk about women.” Uh huh.

(via Billboard)