Reacquaint Yourself With All The Highlights Of Justin Bieber’s 2015 Apology Tour

Pop star and noted arch-enemy of shirts Justin Bieber had a very busy 2015. His comeback album was a colossal smash, his promo trek appeared to be an exhausting one, and James Corden apparently has The Biebs on retainer. Even with all that, it felt like Justin spent the majority of this year on an apology tour. He was super sorry, you guys!

The Canadian chart-topper cranked out so many apologies that we can’t blame you if you’ve lost track. Don’t worry, though. We at Uproxx have assembled a useful li’l video recap of all of Bieber’s apologies so you can relive the 21-year-old’s pleas for forgiveness. He apologized to fans, he apologized to talk show hosts, he apologized to Ronda Rousey, and he apologized to whoever poked their head in during his Comedy Central Roast. If you’ll root around your mailbox, he may have even sent you a note expressing remorse for his former misdeeds. That’s how apology-y the dude was in 2015.

Do you think Justin’s a reformed gent who’s just trying to straighten up and fly right or does his very public displays of penitence ring phony to you? Give this video a gander and sound off (politely) in the comments.