Real Estate’s ‘Stained Glass’ Video Is A Helpful Power Tab

Real Estate makes music for drifting off and zoning out. Over the course of three albums and one EP, the group have proven themselves to be kings of a particular brand of suburban ennui. But that’s all going to change, thanks to the video for their new single “Stained Glass.”

The band haven’t changed much of anything in their sound, it’s still constantly looping mellow guitars attempting to put you into all up in your theta-waves. But they clearly want listeners to take a more active role while taking in their music. The entirety of the music video is a play-along tutorial following the two guitars and piano in the song. For fans, this means recreating the Real Estate experience on their own is now a possibility.

However, it’s not the first instructional video that the band has released. While the actual video for theirAtlas song “Crime” was more concerned with zombies and skateboarders, they did share a separate tutorial for any fans who wanted to play along. The interactive element of their music has been a hallmark of Real Estate for a while, and separates them from bands who try to seem inaccessible.

This latest tab comes from In Mind, a new album due out on March 17 via Domino. Pre-order it here.

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