Red Bull Music Academy Will Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary At The Historic Funkhaus Berlin

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Twenty years ago, Red Bull Music Academy held its first edition in Berlin. Since then, the event has brought workshops and performances all around the world, to places like Toronto, London, São Paulo, Seattle, Cape Town, Rome, London, Melbourne, New York, Madrid, Barcelona, Tokyo, Paris, Montreal, and Dublin. The event has become much more than that, as it’s a real brand unto itself: It maintains a website, radio station, and other ventures year round, and has established itself as a destination for interesting music discovery and education.

2018 marks RBMA’s two-decade anniversary, and to celebrate, the event is going back to its German roots and will host its 20th anniversary edition at Funkhaus Berlin. Over the course of five weeks (from September 8 to October 12), 61 artists will make their way to the historic recording studio complex, where they will share ideas and collaborate. All the while, Red Bull Music will also host “a five-week festival of concerts, club nights, and public talks at renowned music and cultural venues, exploring the city’s sonic histories and shining a light on the modern musical landscape.”

Artists involved in this year’s event have not been announced yet, but RBMA has a strong track record: Everybody from Questlove to Brian Eno to Björk has participated.