How Red Bull Music Academy Is Investing In The Next Generation Of Artists

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A community center in the middle of Old Montréal has gone green. By which I mean, the entire building has been covered in living, sighing plants that drip from ceilings and unexpectedly emerge from every nook and cranny along the wall. Walking into the building feels like walking into a lush, low key indoor jungle; the green washes over you like a cooling balm, the air feels thicker and rich with oxygen.

There is something musical about the singing green, it’s an unexpected burst of life, and the first sign that Red Bull Music Academy has taken over the building for their near month-long artist-focused boot camp in Canada. Time to throw all your expectations about corporate patronage out the window.

For those who are unfamiliar, Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA, natch) is a five-week long, traveling series of musical performances, workshops, concerts, art installations, club nights and lectures. Red Bull selects a number of participants to live, work, and learn in the Academy’s location of choice each year, covering all the cost of travel and accommodation for the students throughout the course of the event.

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