Reggie Bush And His Wife Started A GoFundMe To Build A $100,000 Fund For Nipsey Hussle’s Kids

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The late rapper Nipsey Hussle inspired many and gave so much to others in his short life, from those in his neighborhood of Crenshaw, across the entire city of Los Angeles, and through the entire world. That much was clear on Thursday in a packed Staples Center at the memorial service for Hussle. Amidst the outpour of love and support for Hussle and his family, many who feel privileged to have been touched by Hussle’s generosity in his lifetime, feel inspired to try and repay the favor.

On Friday, former NFL running back Reggie Bush announced that, in partnership with the talent agency CAA, he and his wife Lilit Avagyan Bush would be starting a GoFundMe where all proceeds would be going toward the direct benefit of Hussle’s two children Emani and Kross.

“We have been empowered by Lauren London, Nipsey’s girlfriend, to put together a GoFundMe account that directly benefits Nipsey’s two kids,” Bush said in the video announcing the fundraising initiative. “God got to work through a man who found his purpose on this Earth, touching so many lives,” Avagyan Bush added.

The pair have kickstarted donations on the page with a $10,000 donation of their own. You can find the link to make a donation of your own here.