R.E.M. Are Fans Of This EDM Remix Of ‘The One I Love’

07.14.15 4 years ago 4 Comments

R.E.M.’s sound changed a bit during their long run, and they were willing to try something new here and there. They went heavy on the mandolin for “Losing My Religion.” They made “Shiny Happy People.” However, they never did anything approaching electronic dance music during their time together. As such, an enterprising DJ had to step in and do it for them, remixing “The One I Love” and turning it into an EDM song.

The remix is the work of a Denver-based producer named Joman, and it’s an interesting song to turn into a banger. After all, the original is a mournful ballad that serves as a kiss off to an old lover. Not the kind of thing the kids want to dance to. However, purely on aesthetic levels, the remix definitely works. Joman stretched the song out a bit, the remix is over two minutes longer than the original, but he didn’t overindulge. Also, when he hit the first big drop of the song just after the first verse it’s pretty much perfect.

R.E.M. apparently agrees, because they shared the remix on their website, calling it “really excellent.” Sounds like something that fans of R.E.M. and EDM can both agree on. Could an R.E.D.M. album be far behind?

(Via Stereogum)

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