Remy Ma Takes A Few Jabs At Nicki Minaj After Ending Her Reign As BET’s Best Female Hip-Hop Artist

Nicki Minaj’s seven-year streak of winning Best Female Hip-Hop Artist came to an end at the 2017 BET Awards on Sunday night. The night’s most talked about and final award went to none other than Remy Ma who proudly yelled, “Is you dumb?” repeatedly as a callback to her February Minaj diss track, “SHEther.”

After she received the award she went through the typical pleasantries, thanking her husband, her friends and the like. Then, to wrap things up she sent some more shots in Nicki’s direction, spitting a few bars from her track with Fat Joe “Spaghetti,” saying “Y’all b****hes got fat while we starved / Shots in your ass, pads in your bras / Y’all some liars it ain’t no facts in your songs / And yeah that crown is coming back to the Bronx.”

Now, it seems Remy has Nicki beat in at least one way and it’s a significant one, especially when Nicki continues to tout numbers as her form of dominance. The war between the two continues, and Nicki was nowhere to be found on the night of the show, even though she’s a usual participant. So BET propped Remy up in her moment and made sure to close the show with her and give her all the shine she wanted.