This Boy Band Member Collapsed While Wearing All His Clothes To Beat Luggage Fees

Boy bands are still very much a thing in places outside the United States, but that doesn’t mean they are all living the opulent lifestyle of the *NSYNCs and Backstreet Boys of yore.

Case in point: James McElvar of Glaswegian group Rewind. The 19-year-old boy band member collapsed while on a flight between Stansted, England and Glasgow.

Was it exhaustion? Too much partying? Nope. The singer overheated from wearing 12 layers of clothing in an attempt to avoid a £45 ($70) baggage fee.

“The woman said either one bag went in the hold or we weren’t getting on. The rest of the band had gone through so I couldn’t give them any of the clothes. I was told I’d either have to pay a £45 fee to get it on the plane, get the flight the next morning, bin the clothes or wear them,” the singer explained to The Sun.

McElvar boarded the plane wearing six t-shirts , five sweaters, three pairs of jeans, two pairs of sweatpants, two jackets and two hats. He collapsed mid-flight and was treated by a paramedic onboard the plane.

“I thought I was a goner and that I was having a heart attack,” he said.

For all you Rewind-ers out there, McElvar appears to be fine.

(Via NME)