Rhye Returns With Two New Dreamy, Lovelorn Indie Pop Songs, ‘Please’ And ‘Summer Days’

07.07.17 2 years ago

The delicate and lovely 2013 album Woman is the last time we’ve heard from R&B duo Rhye, but now they’ve returned from their silence with a pair of new tracks, “Please” and “Summer Days” (not to be confused with “One Of Those Summer Days” from Woman). The songs are everything you’d expect from the group, which is more than a good thing: “Please” is a soothing and calming number, while “Summer Days” gets a little funky, like Stevie Wonder lite.

Although it’s not yet announced, singer Michael Milosh hinted at an upcoming second record, calling “Please” the first step of the process:

“Because we play live so much, we’ve built this show that’s somewhat different from Woman. It’s a little more psychedelic. I wanted to bring that to the second record. I really wanted to incorporate much more soulful and earthy colors. It had to be all live percussion and piano. The human intimacy had to come through the actual instrumentation on this record. ‘Please’ is the stepping stone to where we’re headed.”

The “Please” single is the group’s first release on Last Gang Records, so it would make sense that their sophomore album is on the way soon via their new label. Although the band claims a slight change in sound, it looks like their visual branding will remain somewhat the same, since the “Please” single art is very much in the vein of Woman:

Watch the black-and-white, Milosh-directed music video for “Please” above, and stream both new songs below or here.

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