Rhye Celebrates Valentine’s Day With A ‘Song For You’ Video That Shows Love’s Highs And Lows

02.14.18 1 year ago

There’s nothing quite as good at presenting an idealized and wart-free version of love as Valentine’s Day is. Like all days, Valentine’s Day is of course a terrific time to celebrate the special bonds we share with the people who we hold dearest, and Rhye’s approach does that by showing the full spectrum of what a romantic relationship entails.

His new video for “Song For You” shows a couple (played by Nathalie Kelley and Christopher Brochu) going through the ups and downs that all couples do, from frolicking in the autumn woods to tense arguments in the car and all the bliss and heartache in between. Rhye’s Milosh says of the video, which he co-directed and co-produced with Geneviève Medow Jenkins:

“The video for ‘Song for You’ explores the moments of our lives, the cycles we all experience. We hope these moments resonate with you, both the joy and the pain, in the same way they did with us while making this piece.”

To further get into the Valentine’s Day festivities, Rhye is also offering a digital Valentine’s Day card on his website, which allows you to send “Song For You” to a special someone along with a custom message. You could also send it to somebody who isn’t that special, if you’d like: After all, as the video shows, love is complicated.

Watch the “Song For You” video above, and read our interview with Milosh here.

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